VA – New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation Vol 18-(BCD 8163)-WEB-2022-iDC

Download VA_-_New_Italo_Disco_Top_25_Compilation_Vol_18-(BCD_8163)-WEB-2022-iDC Free
Artist: Prima Ballerina
Album: New Italo Disco Top 25 Compilation Vol 18
Genre: Dance
Released: 2022
Tracks: 25
Playtime: 01:45:51
Group: iDC
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Size: 242.62 MB

# Song Title Artist Time
01 It’s No Game (Short Vocal Retro Mix) Aldo Lesina 3:59
02 Magic Love (Short Vocal Eighties Mix) Angélico 4:00
03 Loving You (Short Vocal Valerie Mix) Valerie Star 4:15
04 My Lonely Heart (Short Vocal Classic Mix) German Cowboys 4:10
05 Your Eyes (Short Vocal Disco Mix) Mr. Moscow 4:20
06 Once in a Lifetime (Short Vocal Disco Mix) Alan Brando 4:14
07 Time (Short Vocal Plain Mix) Casarano 3:23
08 Summer Crazy (Short Vocal Classic Mix) Italian Party 4:18
09 Why (Short Vocal Power Mix) Momento 4:28
10 Summer Nights (Short Vocal BPM Mix) Limelight 4:15
11 Romance Again (Short Vocal Romance Mix) Modern Boots 4:30
12 The Girl That Saved My Life (Short Vocal BPM Mix) Boris Zhivago 4:34
13 My Life Is Blue (Short Vocal Romantic Mix) Boy Blue 4:37
14 Summertime in Your Heart (Short Vocal BPM Mix) Naomi 4:40
15 It’s No Illusion (Short Vocal BPM Mix) Tommy Sun 3:54
16 A World of Love (Vocal Short BPM Mix) Don Amore 4:27
17 It’s Just a Story (Short Vocal Dance Mix) Aldo Lesina 4:06
18 I Loved You (Short Vocal BPM Mix) Solitario 4:36
19 It’s a Magical World (Short Vocal Brando Mix) Alan Brando 4:24
20 Take Your Time (Short Vocal Glow Mix) Rynar Glow 3:54
21 Don’t Fly Away (Short Vocal Emy Mix) Emy Care 4:11
22 Love Me Tonight (Short Vocal Night Mix) Limelight 4:13
23 It’s Only You and Me (Short Vocal Modern Mix) Modern Boots 3:59
24 Goodbye My Love (Short Vocal Magic Mix) Ken Martina 4:04
25 Fairy Tale (Short Vocal Dance Mix) Prima Ballerina 4:20

Download VA_-_New_Italo_Disco_Top_25_Compilation_Vol_18-(BCD_8163)-WEB-2022-iDC Free